Could Cannabis Kill Cancer Cells? A New Study Looks Promising

Through reports and anecdotal evidence, cannabis has been touted to offer benefits to those dealing with cancer, and to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment. The reduction of anxiety, nausea, pain, and loss of appetite make cannabis a seeming wonder drug that many caregivers will attest to all day long. A sizable and growing community swears that the topical and ingested use of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and FECO/FSCO (full spectrum cannabis oil/full extract cannabis oil) can also treat and even cure cancer. But with the restrictions on cannabis research here in America, studies supporting these claims can be scarce.

But a new study has added some support to the idea that cannabis may actually kill cancer.

Marijuana Moment shares this welcome news in a piece looking at a new study performed by researchers at India's Amity University, and published in the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics.