Who Is The First Lady Of Weed?

Since its Women's History Month we thought it would be perfect to write about the "First Lady of Weed" from Trenton New Jersey. Her name is Debi Madaio, she is the business partner of Ed Forchion. Since Forchion is known for being the "president" or better nown as NJWeed man in weed advocacy, she has gotten the nickname of being the "First Lady of Weed". In March 2017 NJWeed man Forchion was arrested and held for 447 days for an undercover sting by police in his business. Since then Madio has become the owner of the famed Joint business to ensure it stays in operation.

Madio has a legacy of being a heroic ganga mompreneur. Not only is she a strong weed advocate, she is a registered nurse, mother of two daughters and a special needs son.

Massachusetts Wire wrote how Debi Madaio balances between a full time nurse, business owner, weed advocate, and full time mom! Click here for more info