The beginner's guide to decoding CBD beauty products

We’re not even going to try to deny it: CBD is officially found in everything, whether it’s baked goods, candles, pet food, or even activewear (yes, really). CBD beauty products have also become immensely popular, and many skincare and makeup brands are now incorporating this buzzworthy ingredient into their product lines.

However, as cutting-edge as CBD beauty products may seem, Jacqueline Kang, a cosmetic chemist and head of product development at Rose & Abbot, suggests that the jury is still out on any positive effects CBD may have on overall skin health.

“CBD is still under [FDA] regulation for how to be used in skincare products,” Kang tells HelloGiggles. “Many products claim that the ingredient reduces inflammation (which may be true for some people who have tried it), but more clinical trials will have to be run before it is officially stated.”

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