The Best Cannabis Cookbooks

With the legalization of adult-use marijuana sweeping the country, a cannabis culinary movement has come along with it. The plant is more accessible than ever before for the cannacurious to experiment with at home and thanks to the emergence of expert enthusiast cannachefs, pot is appearing on plates everywhere from the James Beard House to a private pop-ups catered by a Top Chef contestant.

Edibles are the most versatile, discreet and delicious method of consumption, but long before infused food was accepted by the upper echelon of the culinary industry, cannabis cookbooks served as the sole source of inspiration for making meals with marijuana.

One of the first known cannabis-themed cookbooks was published in 1967, with few titles to follow suit until 2012 when the editors of High Timesmagazine released one of its own. Today, there is no shortage of resources for high-minded chefs of every skill level and interest.

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