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Home Delivery of Marijuana Could Start in Massachusetts this Year

May 13, 2019

Home delivery of recreational marijuana could debut in Massachusetts later this year, after regulators reached agreement on a program that would increase consumer access to cannabis while also giving a leg up to entrepreneurs affected by the war on drugs.

Marijuana Limits and Dosings

May 8, 2019

Under Massachusetts' new recreational cannabis laws, adults 21 years of age or older are allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrate outside of their residence and up to ten ounces of marijuana inside their residence. Additionally, adults may possess and cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants with a maximum of 12 per household.

All 2020 Presidential Candidates Now Support Marijuana Legalization Efforts — Even the Republicans

April 1, 2019

2020 will see the first presidential race in which every candidate, at least so far, favors some path to legalization.

Prescription Drug Addiction: Could Marijuana Be the Cure?

April 1, 2019

Some marijuana dispensaries have argued that cannabis could also be the solution to the nation's opioid and prescription drug crisis.

New Coalition Seeks to Give Veterans Easier Access to Medical Marijuana

April 1, 2019

He says things got better after he started using medical marijuana when the first Massachusetts dispensary opened in 2015. “I was able to get off of all my other medications and have an improvement in quality of life from making the switch to cannabis," Mandile said. “It helps me with pain and other issues more than any other medication really could without turning me off completely and not being able to feel anything.”

Cannabis Country: Marijuana Drives New Industry in Central Mass. Cities, Towns

April 1, 2019

Central Massachusetts, historically home to farms and factories, has a new claim to fame: cannabis country.

Can Legal Weed Counter Decades Of Discriminatory Drug Enforcement?

April 1, 2019

With recreational marijuana on sale in Massachusetts, Connecticut lawmakers are looking at legalizing recreational cannabis more seriously than ever.

Could a Cape Cod town be the Commonwealth’s cannabis capital?

March 25, 2019

Provincetown could soon become a hub for an industry shunned by most of Cape Cod, with seven marijuana businesses seeking state and local approval to open in the community.

Dispensaries Grind Through the Regulatory Pipeline

February 28, 2019

A marijuana dispensary may soon greet tourists as they hit the downtown center at Lopes Square in Provincetown.

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Dispensary Menus

February 28, 2019

For the most part, cannabis retailers break up their menu into the same categories: flower, concentrates and edibles/infusions